10 Most Convincing Game of Thrones Fan Theories

by Mauli

With Season 8 just around the corner; the countdown has begun; the atmosphere is set; and our expectations are over the roof. So what could we tell you that you don’t already know. There have been plenty of theories from Samwell writing the Song of Ice and Fire story to Varys being a Merman(LOL yes) to Lady Stoneheart making an entree on the show. I have left out the ones that were pretty much obvious or very reaching and compiled some of the best ones in my opinion.


Read on to find out, BUT if you haven’t seen Season 1-7: This post is dark and full of spoilers. You’ve been warned:

Jon Snow Will Kill Dany


This fan theory is the saddest one out there.

There is a particular theory that believes Jon Snow is Azor Ahai (The Prince that was Promised) according to the prophecy. For those of us that don’t know Azor Ahai was a figure that would be born amidst smoke and salt and pull a  sword Lightbringer (which, in the TV show, was last seen with the now dead Stannis Baratheon) to defeat the impending darkness.

(Also interesting to note on a separate note, is that the prophecy was written in High Valyrian which suggests that translation of Azor Ahai is gender neutral: meaning it could be a prince or princess that was promised- Daenerys lovers anyone?)

But the most important part of this prophecy remains: that Azor Ahai became a hero at a very tragic cost. In the legend, the sword was forged in the blood of his lover, Nissa Nissa. The legend suggests that Prince that was Promised will be reborn amidst smoke and salt to face another darkness. IF that IS Jon, will he be forced to sacrifice his Love(or something he loves) for the realm.

Will he really kill Daenerys or one of her Dragons- either one could be considered “fire” after all?

Jaime Will Kill Cersei


In Season 5 episode 1 : Cersei visits Maggy the Frog( in a flashback from Cersei’s childhood) Maggy recites a certain prophecy to her that goes like:

“Cersei: I’m promised to the prince. When will we marry?
Maggy: Never. You will wed the king.
Cersei: But I will be queen?
Maggy: Oh yes. You will be queen, for a time… until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.

Cersei: Will the king and I have children?”

Maggy responds with: “The king will have twenty, you will have three. Gold will be their crowns, and gold their shrouds”

With the death of Tommen, Maggy the Frog’s prediction that all of Cersei’s children will die has come true. But, there’s one more tidbit that the show left out probably for the element of surprise. In the books the prophecy also mentions that: Cersei will be killed by her “Valonqar,” or little brother. The seemingly obvious and biggest contender to this theory was Tyrion for a long, long time.


But with Jaime’s growing resentment towards Cersei’s unhinging screws and full on Mad Queen action sequences; this theory now suggests that Jaime could be the death of Cersei. Since he is Cersei’s twin who was born a few minutes after her- he is a contender for the little brother title too.

Seems like Poetic Justice to have Jaime fulfill his reputation of King/Queen-Slayer if she pushes her Mad Queen rulership too far? Then again, is this too obvious? And we know how G.R.R.M hates obvious !

Night King Wants to Kill Bran


Vladimir Furdik, the actor who plays the Night King, revealed that his icy character “has a target he wants to kill” in Season 8. Of course people would bet it’s Jon Snow, but consider this: The Night King has already had several chances to kill our poor JUST “JON SNOW”; why hasn’t he done it already? If he could kill a flying dragon with a single ice spear, what’s stopping him from killing our Pretty boy? (Like S5 EP 8?

What if he’s not after Jon at all; What if he is after Bran instead, according to a fan theory. Here are some clues from the script. Uncle Benjen tells Bran, “One way or another, he [the Night King] will find his way to the world of men. And when he does, you will be there waiting for him.” The Three-Eyed Raven also told him, “He touched you! He knows you’re here! He’ll come for you!”.

Remember that in one of his visions, the Night King touched Bran and left a mark on him (Season 6-Episode 5), allowing him and his army to enter the Three Eyed Raven’s cave for the first time.(oh yeah, we hate that scene. Bran!!!!)

Furdik also revealed that he thinks Night King “wants revenge.” But why Bran?

Now that Bran Stark is the Three-Eyed Raven, “all of the souls of the past Three-Eyed Ravens are now in [him]Bran,” this theory suggests. It’s believed that the Night King and the Three-Eyed Raven are ancient enemies. One theory also suggests that the “Last Hero”- the warrior who helped the Children of the Forest defeat the White Walkers during the first Long Night thousands of years ago, was turned into the first Three-Eyed Raven. It’s possible the Night King, who was defeated by the Last Hero, wants to get back at his arch-nemesis.

Personally: I think The Night King wants to take revenge on Samwell Tarly for stealing that baby with Gilly and yeah murdering his fellow zombie too (S3 ep 8). But that’s just me. Anyway it’s a pretty solid theory about Bran, let’s see what happens in the show.

Jaime Will Kill the Night King


Now that we see Jaime turning a full 360 and giving his fellow characters some solid redemption goals- this particular theory suggests that Jaime Lannister will redeem his Brandship of Kingslayer in an awesome manner.(Wow, Jaime is doing a lot of killings)

Coupled with the fact that he was headed north, as confirmed in the Season 8 (Kickass) trailer we see Jaime fighting (probably) at Winterfell followed by him saying “I promised to fight for the living. I intend to keep that promise.”

A fan theory has emerged that says: Jaime Lannister will have an integral role in the war against the dead: “I think [George R. R. Martin] is being cheeky by calling Jaime “Kingslayer” and have it taken as a pejorative term. All along, GRRM is telling us that Jaime will slay the king. Jaime will successfully redefine that perception of “Kingslayer” as the noblest term as he will be savior of the realm. That’s that story that will be written in the book that details the exploits of the Kingsguard.”

He also adds that his gold fake hand would be of some interesting use in the battle, and that he would die in Brienne’s arms.

He’s also in possession of Joffrey Baratheon’s sword, Widow’s wail, which is not to forget made of Valyrian steel, (which we know chops off White Walkers).

Other users have added different details to the possibility. such as  Jaime will kill the Night King to save Bran and redeem himself by coming full circle from episode 1.  Another user suggests that the scenes where Jaime looks through the Kingsguard book and sees “how empty his pages are must foreshadow that he’s going to do something great to fill them in.”

This would make for a great conclusion to Jaime’s character arc and the fans who have been vouching for him. (although I am sure, whatever be the case he won’t survive the battle ouch 🙁 )

Jon Could ‘Become’ the Night King


A very interesting Fan theory hypothesizes that the Night King can’t be killed, only replaced. The user suggests:

The only way to ‘defeat’ him is that (and this was just one possible way this might happen) someone has to ‘pull out’ the dragonglass in his chest which was used to create him in the first place. By doing this the Night King would ‘die,’ but unlike what happens when someone kills a ‘normal’ white walker, none of the creatures the Night king ‘created’ or turned would die. Instead they would lose the mind controlling effect the Night King has on them and they would start doing whatever they want, i.e. rampaging around the country.

To prevent this scenario from happening someone has to take the place of the Night King by stabbing himself with the previously extracted dragonglass-dagger.”

Jon, considering the hero that he is, might offer himself up to save the rest of humankind. As the Night King, he’d then gain control of the White Walkers and wights and lead them back up beyond the Wall(non-existent now) to keep the people of Westeros safe.

The only downside to this possibility is that being the Night King would ultimately erode Jon’s good personality and turn him evil, just like the last Night . When that happens, he’ll ride down again and find a new replacement, just like the Night King may be doing now. It’s a never-ending cycle.”

Arya Will Use Jaime’s Face to Kill Cersei


Arya’s Famous Kill List and her Badass Silent Assasination skills make her the Perfect Candidate for this feat.

In line with the Valonqar prophecy above, with the possibility that Jaime might kill Cersei. What if in GoT universe it happens in a slightly more twisted fashion that: Arya might assassinate Jaime and steal his face, using it to get close to and finally kill Cersei. Mirroring the early turning point of Game of Thrones Season 1 : Ned’s execution by Joffrey, Cersei’s son. It would serve as poetic justice in the series ending with Ned’s daughter finally getting some much-deserved vengeance.

Although I feel this theory is a little too reaching : to me personally- Bran forgives Jaime in the trailer saying ” Everything you did, brought you where you are now” which might explain why the Starks choose to include him as a fighter rather than murder him,  but since it is G.R.R.M who knows what could happen !!

The Night King is a Stark


This theory gives a totally new meaning to the “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell” saying. The Long Night – AKA, the last  Winter of Westeros – ended with the Battle for the Dawn where Dragonglass was used to fight the White Walkers, but of course that only would not have been sufficient. After all, White Walkers can raise the dead, which means almost endless foot soldiers.

Instead, some fans believe that the Last Winter ended with a pact – that the North would belong to men as long as there was a Stark in Winterfell. The Starks are an ancient line so this is entirely plausible, and we all know how White Walkers can transform babies into blue-eyed versions of themselves.

“Maybe before the Battle for the Dawn they captured a Stark child and turned it into a White Walker in an effort to emotionally blackmail the Starks to stop fighting.” The baby would have inherited the Night King title and made a pact that it would beyond the Wall as long as Starks lived in Winterfell.

If this is indeed true, remains to be seen.

Tyrion Might Be a Secret Targaryen


Jon might not be the only secret Targaryen. Tyrion Lannister is also believed to be one of the prophesied heads of the dragon along with Dany and Jon. It originates from the theory that mad King Aerys Targaryen had an affair with Tywin Lannister’s wife, Joanna, the mother of Tyrion, which might explain why Tywin hated him so much. And we cannot forget when Tywin’s last words were “you’re no son of mine” just before Tyrion shoots him with an arrow. Although this could just be part of Tywin’s constant rejection of Tyrion’s suitability as a Lannister, it’s something that’s alluded to again and again throughout the first four seasons.

His proximity with Dragons albeit for just one scene ( maybe hinting a little something or not- with one dragon down: there might be a possibility that this won’t be the case at all. Till the last season I was vouching for this one, although now it seems to have lost its course.)

Could it be true or seems too far-fetched to happen; Season 8 will tell.

Tyrion is Going to Betray Daenerys


In the Book Saga, while in the House of the Undying, Daenerys receives the prophecy that she will be betrayed three times, once for love, once for gold, and once for blood. This specific scene wasn’t a part of the show(although it should well have been), but Dany has already suffered multiple treasons: including the blood-avenging betrayal by the witch Mirri Maz Duur. Second, she’s also been sold out for gold by Jorah Mormont and Qarth merchant Xaro Xhoan Daxos (although Jorah makes the more likely candidate). Which means we’re still expecting someone to betray her for Love, and some fans are saying that Tyrion’s our guy.


When meeting Cersei an interesting conversation played out between Our Tyrion and Cersei that we were left out of. When Cersei goes somewhere on the lines of betrayal and murders of her children Tyrion apologises and then cut-to the scene ends abruptly after Tyrion realises Cersei is pregnant.

Could it be that Tyrion conspired with Cersei and the two came up with a plan to undermine Dany.Maybe he struck off some kind of a deal with Cersei? Of course, he has no love for Cersei for which he would betray Daenerys. But Cersei conveniently brings up her pregnancy to manipulate Tyrion because he’s loved his (most of) nieces and nephews and is protective of them. Maybe he feels torn over the idea of fighting on the opposite side of Jaime.

On a similar note I feel that there has been one more foreshadowing in the script here: In an earlier scene, Tyrion also tries to discuss the idea of succession with Daenerys and she dismisses him multiple times. What if Tyrion has come up with some plan of having Cersei’s heir as the successor to the Throne as some kind of a deal later ? (more clues to Tyrion’s betrayal foreshadowing here)

At least then Tyrion will have something of a bigger meaningful role: his presence in the entire Season 7 has been wasted with bad ideas and failed schemes. Maybe it was all a part of a grander scheme, let’s hope so.



We already know that Bran can see into the past and the future, and he can influence events and ‘warg’ into people.


Seeing as he’s aware of the White Walkers in the present day, and is the three eyed raven, according to this theory, the first time Bran goes back in time is to warn the Mad King to prepare to fight the White Walkers.

Second time, he goes deeper and learns that White Walkers were defeated the first time. The third time, he goes back farther, to the war of First Men and Children Of The Forest, and witnesses the creation of the Night King. He sees the First Man was tied to the tree, when Leaf bites him, after which he transforms into the Night King.

So, when Bran goes back into the past for the third time, he is unable to return. He warges into the First Man’s mind, and hence, becomes the Night King! Is it plausible?

Let’s see what the Final Season has in store for us. Until then Are these theories Crazy or Convincing? Let us know in the comments below.



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