The Ripple Effect

by Mauli

Do you believe in ripples, the ripple effect of life- just the same way when you throw a stone into a lake, and marvel at the wonderful waves it creates, can there be such ripples in life? The interesting thing about nature is, that everything is so beautifully organised, so perfect. But if a single pattern breaks, or is misplaced, how far does the ripple go?

The pattern was intricate; simple if you looked closely. It was a beautiful morning, cars rushing in the traffic, people going by their usual routine, someone left Vishal’s skateboard in the garden, his mother called him for the umpteenth time to keep it inside. Annoyed with her constant nagging, he ran down the lane.

A cyclist whirred past the busy streets, turning a corner; a car speeding in the distance, the driver checking his phone, too busy to watch the signal, the cyclist turned just in time to avoid crashing into the kid running down the street.

Kiara walked into her trusted café and ordered her usual. Gazing into the distance, humming a soulful melody, out of tune in her mind, she flipped through the pages of her favourite book “What lies beyond”, running her fingers through her engraved initials.

A screech of tyres in the distance stirred Kiara out of her reverie. Looking at the commotion, she quickly paid for the coffee and went to check it out. The accident was a near miss, a car had collided with the railing ahead. The driver sounded confused, “I-it happened so quickly, I just blinked, the bicycle came out of nowhere.”

He was lucky no one was harmed. A few people stopped and helped the driver back into his car, but there was no sign of the bicycle the driver saw, no one hurt nearby either.

“He must have left then,” Kiara thought and checked her watch, “I am late. I better get going.” After a long tiring day, at work, she returned home, to realise that she had somehow forgotten her book somewhere. She got worried and tried to remember, there was so much commotion in the morning, she must have left it at the café.

The next morning, she got ready, searched for the book and asked everyone around at the café. But no one had seen it- someone must have taken it with them. Kiara was devastated. That book was so close to her heart, all these years, she had kept it in mint condition. Tired and beat, she ordered and sat at her usual spot, thinking about her book. I wish that they return it, how rude is it to take something from someone like that.

“Is this seat taken?” Kiara looked up to see a charming handsome man standing next to her table.

“Not really, but I would like to eat alone if you don’t mind,” she said.

“Oh, you can eat alone, I won’t share your food don’t worry.” said the young man, seating himself at the seat across her.

Kiara rolled her eyes but thought it best not to be rude. So she muttered, “Ohkay if u must.”

“Actually I am new to this place, and I have not grown used to eating alone, and if you are looking for someone to talk to, it’s your lucky day, I happen to be a very good listener.” He said, flashing a smile.

“What makes you think, I want to talk to someone?” she asked.

“Well, I couldn’t help but notice you brooding over something, and it is not really nice to start your day with such heavy stuff don’t you think?”

But before she could answer, he said: “Don’t bother, you can thank me later, the name is Abhinav, by the way.” “Usually people reply to that by telling their name, ” he said.

“Not interested.”

“Well that’s a weird name, doesn’t suit you at all. Are you a fan of reading?” Abhinav asked as if almost reading her mind.

“What?” taken aback by the question Kiara lost her train of thought.

“I said do you enjoy reading?” he asked smiling.

“I do actually,” Kiara replied, finally listening to the conversation, she noticed that his smile was too perfect.

“Which is your favourite book?” he enquired.

“Ah, don’t ask me..!!”

“Well, why not. Books tell a lot about people. Come on !!” he insisted.

“Okay, it is What lies beyond,” she said thinking about her lost book once again.

“Oh, that one, I had actually thought you would be different but I must say you don’t really have a good taste in books at least,” Abhinav said dismissively.

“I do not recall asking your opinion,” Kiara replied curtly.

“Ah, someone’s touchy. Ok, I did not mean to upset you; not that you weren’t already upset.” Abhinav muttered.

“What did you say to me?” Kiara asked angrily.

“Oh, did I say that out loud, the latter was supposed to be subtext sorry.” He teased her.

“Hey pal, Why don’t you go bother someone else with your conversation,”  Kiara told him.

“Fine, Miss Impolite, it was lovely meeting you, unconventional and lovely. Though you can still do with some people skills, that won’t hurt.” He said. Kiara shot him a fiery look.

“Yeah not that it’s my business anyway, but nice meeting you !! See you again.” He said flashing another one of his smiles.

And not long after; the next morning, she saw him again.

“Well, you did miss me then Miss-I-can’t-tell-you-my-name looks like you are sitting in my seat” Abhinav walked up to her seat carrying a latte in his hand.

“What do you mean, your seat, I sit here every day, go find another spot for yourself,” she said not bothering to be polite this time.

“Why would I? I am not the one who has got trouble with people, I am perfectly comfortable sitting with you.” He replied coolly.

“What the h–” but she broke off when she noticed Abhinav’s stuff already lying there, so he wasn’t wrong, she was embarrassed.  Ah, so now he has taken my favourite spot too. Perfect.

She got up and sat at another empty table. Abhinav kept shooting her smiles all through breakfast. She gathered her stuff and quickly made it for the street, suddenly a car came out of nowhere, and hit her. Fortunately, it was just a graze, and she wasn’t hurt badly, but she was in pain, people quickly gathered. Abhinav came rushing to the spot and cornered the driver, she saw, it was the same driver from a few days ago.

The man apologised, they told him to be extra careful and let him go. Abhinav insisted for her to go to the hospital with him. Having no choice, she said okay. On their way back, she told Abhinav that this driver was the same guy from a few days ago.

Abhinav said, “Yes I know I recognised him immediately, last time it was me.”

“Oh so u were the invisible cyclist, we couldn’t find.” She said.

“Oh, so u were trying to find me?” He asked grinning.

“How could you turn everything around like that?”  Kiara said, “We could not place the source of the crash, no wonder it was you. Anyway, thank you so much for your help today. My name is Kiara. ” She added, smiling and thinking to herself, maybe he isn’t too bad after all.

“The pleasure is all mine, it’s not every day that you get to take a pretty girl to the hospital. Though, today you don’t sound so unpleasant and upset. That is a slight turn off.”

“Hahaha, I understand why you would say that a couple of days ago, you caught me in a bad mood. I lost my favourite book at the coffee shop, and..!!” Kiara told him.

“What was the name of the book again?”  Abhinav interrupted.

“Yeah now I will say, What lies beyond, and you will say I have terrible taste, in books.” She said lazily.

No, I won’t, in fact, I have something for you, and he pulled out a book from his bag. She did not even need to look inside to know it was hers.

“Oh my God, You had it, all this time.” she was overwhelmed.

“Yeah, I saw you searching for it the first day, and I wanted to know you more, so I did not tell you I had it,” he said.

“Why would you want to know me, we have nothing in common. Why all the secrecy?” she was surprised.

“Because of this book, and because I believe in signs, sign that I was hit in a crash a few days ago after which I came to this shop, only to find this book lying around, I kept it, then found you, through it. And when I talked to you, I knew I wanted to know you more, because it is rare that you meet someone through such exceptional circumstances, sheer luck, or destiny playing its cards. We met because of this book. And I am sure it was not pure chance. It was designed to happen this way.

You have read this book, haven’t you and you still do not believe that everything happens for a reason? ” he asked.

“Interesting theory, even if I do believe it, How are you so sure, it was just a book, and you found it. And wait a minute, you said this book was not any good, and now you say you believe in it, that does not add up.” Kiara asked, confused.

“Of course I believe in it Kiara, and because, it is not just your book; I am so sure because this book was written by me.”

“What ????? You are THE Dr Abhinav, and you kept it from me all this time, and I went all ballistic on you and you did not say a word, I am such a fool, this is too much. I am an absolute fan, but I never thought I would meet you, I am so overwhelmed. ” she said breathlessly.

“Believe if you may, I am and this is your lucky day !! So if you would let me, I would like to know you more because I believe that we should explore what lies beyond for us.” He said smiling and handing over the book to her.

The cupid who designed the pattern; smiled and moved on to his next..!!


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Anju chandna May 29, 2018 - 9:31 pm

Beautiful story , nicely written

Geetanjali Jain May 29, 2018 - 10:36 pm

It is rightly said that a good beginning makes a good end and that’s what i like the most about this story….”the beginning”. I always love your scribbles and one thing is sure, the ripples of your talent are going to travel far. Keep up the good work🙂

Mauli June 6, 2018 - 4:05 am

Aww i need to introduce the react button to comments here..!!! Love worthy..!! Thank you 😍😍

Anubha May 29, 2018 - 11:08 pm

Awesome Mauli 😘😘

Mauli June 6, 2018 - 4:06 am

Thank you so much dear.. glad to have you here..!!

Nilakshi June 4, 2018 - 12:42 pm

Top-notch work.

Dr Vaibhav Watts June 6, 2018 - 7:26 pm

It’s beautiful! Perfectly balanced!


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