The Zero

by Mauli
the zero

She walked towards the zero. It was dark, gloomy and creepy. But she was smiling. It did not threaten her, it was her friend. She kept walking, a tingling sensation crawled on her skin, unnerving her. The smile started to vanish from the corners of her mouth, the zero was engulfing her.

“Be calm, be calm. This is it and it will be over soon. It is easy, much easier than the pain, the loneliness, it will be a better place.” She thought.

Happy memories started fading away, tears from nowhere appeared on the tips of her eyes. She raised a hand to stop them and shivered when she saw the palest flesh, her flesh.

“Give in,” the zero called to her. “We are friends now, we will become one: eternal darkness combined. This is what you wanted, right?”

“Oh no. T-this is not what I wanted, I just wanted the pain to s-stop” she thought, trying to quiet the ringing in her ears.

“Do not resist me, little one. I am too powerful for you, give me your memories,” boomed the zero.

She could feel her soul leaving and everything else blurring away. It was the end, but she didn’t want it now, she cried for words, that did not come out. Falling, she closed her eyes and gave up.

But then, just like that, she zapped out.

“What happened? How am I here? Wow !!” She was amazed but so relieved. There was a big bright light. She looked around to see her sister, casting the warmest, hugest patronus ever. She was her saviour.

“I am sorry I would never leave again, I was so wrong, I will not give up.  Thanks for looking out for me !!!” She said hugging her.

The sunshine returned, the world was brighter and beautiful. It was the happiest she had ever been. No more fears, no more zeroes, she was back, it was over…!!!

You can zap out too, the zero is a terrible place, like an abyss, but happiness is your shield. Depression is dark and difficult, and the struggle is tormenting; people who go through it, fear to be unwanted, judged, rejected and often isolate themselves because of this fear. Certainly, fighting all alone, takes its toll, quitting seems easier, the abyss becomes your solace, but it is not what it seems. When you isolate yourself, you give power to the abyss, to take over, to give up.  Do not give it that power. You are strong to fight. If you know someone who can be your patronus, talk to them, stick with them, if you have people who are struggling with the same issues, listen to them. Do not ignore the signs- talking helps, friends help, sharing helps.

It starts with you. All you have to do is raise a hand, start a conversation. Engage..!!!  In the end, the zero is just a state of mind, let us not succumb to it.  We can all choose to create our sunshine. Rise above the abyss !!




Zero: (metaphor): Vast, dark, bottomless chasm, something like a black hole.

Patronus:  (metaphor, a reference from the Harry Potter): A shield charm used for protection, triggered and created by memories of something happy or positive.

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Vineet Chandna July 29, 2018 - 5:43 pm

Another good one. A touch of “Rowlingness” too, which I felt even before it got to “patronus”. And I mean it seriously.

Mauli August 4, 2018 - 11:07 pm

Hahaha, Thank you, this is a dedication to Rowling..!!

Anubha July 29, 2018 - 11:07 pm

Amazing Mauli😘😘

Mauli August 4, 2018 - 11:08 pm

Yayy..!! Thanks sweetie 🙂

Ruchika July 30, 2018 - 10:44 am

Very well written ! Heart touching

Mauli August 4, 2018 - 11:09 pm

Thank you and welcome to the blog, pleased to have you here, stay tuned for more..!!

Jyotika Sharma July 30, 2018 - 9:42 pm

Wonderful and helpful thought!!! Quite inspiring, i can definitely use such inspiration currently in my life😄👍👍👍

Mauli August 4, 2018 - 11:12 pm

Thanks a ton.. all of us have been there, right? Hope keeps us going..!!

Rachit July 30, 2018 - 9:53 pm


Mauli August 4, 2018 - 11:12 pm

Flattered *blush* 😀

Tapan Agnihotri July 31, 2018 - 6:08 am

A piercing discription about a condition that needs to be talked about more.
Great piece of writing!

Mauli August 4, 2018 - 11:16 pm

Hey Tapan, it is great to have you here, Thanks a ton..!!
Absolutely true, this needs to be talked about more..!! We will keep at it..!!

Shivani August 1, 2018 - 11:12 pm

This write up shows what a pure soul u are Mauli…Incredible…Keep writing keep motivating

Mauli August 4, 2018 - 11:20 pm

Thank you so much Shivani, means a lot to me.
Glad I could strike a chord and yeah promise to bring more..!!

Mukta August 25, 2018 - 6:36 pm

Very well written Mauli 😘. Keep sharing more.

Mauli August 29, 2018 - 4:23 pm

Hey, Mukta thank you so very much..yes,stay tuned.. lot more to follow..!!


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