by Mauli

Let me introduce to you the most unnoticeable but essential part of everyone’s classroom, lives, every book has such a character, every movie has such an actor, the shy girls/guys all of us have known at some point of time. Ladies and Gentlemen, We bring to you the Case Study of one of the most common yet diverse, most explored yet mysterious kind of community, “The Introverts”.

But before we proceed,


  • The Character In Question: The Introvert
  • Obvious Traits:
    • Relatively invisible to the naked eye
    • Rarely initiate a conversation
    • Not so outgoing
    • Not too friendly in the beginning, but then get along really well
    • Have a close-knit bunch of friends
  • Where Will You Find Them: have a habit of blending in the crowd, often huddled in bunches, or groups, never in the front, somewhere in the middle, a spot carefully chosen to suit their hiding needs.
  • Latent Talents: Genius, the exceptionally talented, the rebel at heart, the free-spirited (on the inside); love for passion ranging from reading to skydiving, display fierce loyalty, amazing strength of character.

So what is really going on with them. Let us have a closer look.

Why Do They Keep To Themselves?

Sources have confirmed that the introverts possess the gift of the mystic arts. Yes, it has been proven time and again, all the Kung fu/action/sci-fi movies are so full of it. Every master from Mr Han, to Oogway to Shifu, to Doctor Strange’s Ancient one, talk about achieving the Zen state or inner peace before perfecting any art. All these masters have one thing in common. They have inner peace, and we are like Kung-fu pandas who have no clue of what’s going on at all.

So, we believe, to become focused, and centred, the introverts perform a certain ritual where they keep to themselves, behave as loners in a crowd full of people and seem to interact really less compared to the other members. The reason: they are deep thinkers, they delve into their subconscious more than they delve into chats, small talks or banters. This gives them a sense of balance and profound depth which they use to further their interests.

What Do They Fear The Most?

Well, from the collective psychological, statistical, and cinematic analysis we have gathered that their worst fear is the fear of failure/rejection/embarrassment etc. Many movies and much of literature suggest that they are sometimes oversensitive and way too critical of themselves. They are extremely cautious and weigh their words carefully before saying anything. Similarly, they analyse all their actions repeatedly which makes them feel miserable over little things. So, for all of you who know such people, do not be too hard on them, they are probably being too hard on themselves anyway. This also gets in the way of them being able to realise their dreams. Little disappointments turn out to be great obstacles for them and they sometimes end up feeling demotivated. The introverts who have mastered the art of achieving zen state, however, are free from self-doubts and lead a very content life.

So What Do They Enjoy Doing?

Since they are sapiosexuals, they prefer deep, meaningful and interesting things. It doesn’t always have to be a serious philosophical discussion, it can be dark humour, sarcastic retorts, or any kind of an intellectual conversation. Any display of creativity and innovation and you have the introvert’s attention. Given the right set of circumstances/conditions, the introverts tend to relax, open up and connect more with people and nature. Their love for the artistic endeavours and creativity is endless, and they will often be seen in such surroundings. Our very own studies have proven that many introverts have an innate love for dogs, and they prefer spending their time with dogs more than humans.

How Do They Choose Their Friends

Our highly reliable network tells us that they like to keep it simple. From choosing their friends to trusting someone, they do not prefer associating with people who like hypocrisy. But once they become your friends, their loyalty is more accountable than Salman Khan’s commitment any given day.

So next time when you meet someone in a group not too vocal, not very expressive, laughing at only a few jokes, stealing sneaky glances at a book or solemnly enjoying the nature in a corner, look out for such people, they are usually the most interesting company and while you are at it Zen State people, that is the key, go for it..!!!

If you know an introvert, and feel that this post is for them, share it and let us know how we are doing in the comments below..!!


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Geetanjali Jain April 29, 2018 - 11:38 pm

Words are not enough to describe the efforts you put in for every post. I am highly delighted to read this article… What makes you standout among others is your remarkable ability to serve a perfect blend of literary knowledge, facts and analysis to support your view. You do magic with the words. Keep ruling the hearts💕
Waiting for more 😊

Mauli May 28, 2018 - 2:39 am

Too many compliments.. phew. I am flattered.. 😀 😀

Aman Thapliyal May 31, 2018 - 3:15 am

This is such a nice post. Reminds me of myself 😛😛!! Awesome writing skills!! Love the blog!

Mauli June 6, 2018 - 4:03 am

Haha..ikr, so glad you could you and all my introvert friends out there..cheers..!! Thanks a bunch..!!


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